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4k Foldable GPS Selfie DRONE (Amazon List Price 399.99)

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This Compact Foldable GPS DRONE features a 4K Wide Angle Camera.  Stable GPS Controller with WiFi Phone app.  Foldable blades for convenient travel.  One touch auto-return feature for easy/safe landings.  Included 1600mAh lithium battery allows for 15 minutes of flying time between charges.  Selfie mode will automatically set the drone to fly around a fixed point.

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Moon Lamp Nightlight (Amazon's #1 Bestseller in Kids Decor)

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Literally gift someone the MOON this season!  Our Seamless 3D Moon Replica nightlight is rechargeable and will run 8-10 hours on a single charge.  Dimmable and 16 color adjustable LED.  7.1" in Diameter.   This Item is Amazon's current #1 Best Seller in Kids Room Decor.

Amazon Prime price is $42.99.  

Our BLACK FRIDAY SALE price $35.

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Wireless Charging Bluetooth Earbuds (Our Reg Price $65)

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 These Wireless Charging Bluetooth Noise Cancelling Earbuds feature a portable Power Bank case that allows for you recharge without connecting to a wall outlet on the go.  A built in microphone allows you to take a call during your music listening session without having to remove them.  

The Power Bank case can run 10 earbud charges before needing to be plugged in, each charge provides 5 - 6 hours of listening time.  The Power Bank case can also double as an emergency 1200 mAh phone charger if needed.  After initial setup, pairing with your phone is instant, open the charging case remove the earbuds and it's paired.  

Earbuds are IPX7 grade waterproof for use in rain or shower.  

Available in Gold or Silver (please specify color on checkout).

Each order gets you 165 Entries in our GT-R Sweepstakes!

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